News-Release : WaterShed Monitoring announces its membership in Norddeutsches Wasserzentrum

Québec, 4 décembre 2018 — WaterShed Monitoring is proud to announce that the administration board of the Norddeutsches Wasserzentrum (NWZ; Northern German Water Center, NDLT) has accepted the company’s nomination and will officially present its new member during an assembly to be held on 10 December 2018.

WaterShed Monitoring’s adhesion to NWZ is part of a business development plan initiated in Germany and elsewhere. As such, the firm now belongs to a network of around one hundred NWZ members in the fields of planning, production and the harnessing of water resources. This membership will allow WaterShed Monitoring to promote its product and services and will facilitate their commercialization on the European continent and around the world.

« We are happy to be part of NWZ, since this association shares WaterShed Monitoring’s mission, which aims to implement integrated water resource management, from the source to the tap, in the context of the multiple barrier approach.» said Sonja Behmel, Ph.D, CEO and co-founder of WaterShed Monitoring. « By joining NWZ, we wish, on the one hand, to profit from the association’s network in order to refine our service offer, and on the other hand, to make our expertise and our EnkiTM tool available to the water resource stakeholders in northern Germany. »

WaterShed Monitoring

WaterShed Monitoring develops and markets innovative solutions that meet the needs at every stage of water quality monitoring. As a partner to the know-how of various stakeholders in the water sector, our company offers strategy coaching, strategic support and consulting services for data analysis, among others. Moreover, WaterShed Monitoring offers a unique product: EnkiTM is the first cloud-based software designed to store, organize, contextualise, analyze, publish and share all types of water quality data. By maximising the full potential of monitoring activities, data collection and the information generated through these activities, WaterShed Monitoring contributes to informed decision-making at the municipal level of administration, scientific research, and the management of natural resources.

Norddeutsches Wasserzentrum

Based in the North of Germany, NWZ is a registered association that brings together stakeholders in the whole of the water sector with the goal of promoting sustainable management of the resource. Since 1992, NWZ has been contributing to bringing together the offer and demand from industry, universities, governments, engineering and consulting firms, professional organisations and installation operators in order to help them find solutions to conflicts and to overcome difficulties inherent to projects linked with the economy of water. The expertise of planners, manufacturers and system operators of water management products in the North of Germany have an excellent reputation around the world and the network has been operating at the global scale since 2005.

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For more information, please contact:

Sonja Behmel

CEO and co-founder

WaterShed Monitoring

418 255-9477