Watershed Monitoring intends to provide to stakeholders involved in integrated watershed management innovative solutions to address water quality data storing and analyzing challenges, and to optimize and support knowledge acquisition for water resources management, urban planning or scientific purposes.

Our values are:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Security

Watershed Monitoring’s approach aims to ensure traceability of collected data and to generate reliable, consistent, comparable and verifiable information and knowledge that are crucial to take action in water resources protection.

Team of experts

Sonja Behmel

Holder of a master’s degree in Geography and a Ph.D. in spatial planning and regional development, Sonja Behmel has specialized in water quality monitoring program planning, managing and optimization for many years. She is also involved in the management and the spatiotemporal analysis of water quality data since many years. She has conceptualized, designed and implemented a water quality database to manage water related data from the source to the tap. Building on that expertise, she founded, together with academic and business partners, Watershed Monitoring to contribute her ideas, energy and expertise to the water community. Today, she is the chief executive officer of WaterShed Monitoring. The company is also partner of the Drinking water research Chair of Laval University, Quebec, Canada. Sonja Behmel is also scientific coordinator of the Association for the protection of lake Saint-Charles, where she is in charge of managing the monitoring program and studies related to the main drinking water reservoir of Quebec City. She is also the author of numerous technical reports as well as some scientific publications.  Finally, she has received several awards for her scientific and professional work.

Hervé Dandjinou

Holder of a master’s degree in physical Geography, including a geomatics specialization, has over 13 years of expertise in areas related to the collection, management, analysis and dissemination of spatiotemporal data for water management and urban or rural planning. He is particularly interested in data mining using geostatistics and artificial intelligence techniques. He is also interested by using collaborative geomatics in decision making models. Among his previous positions, Mr. Dandjinou has occupied academic positions in research and development and has been a computer consultant (architect and analyst) in IT and in geoinformatics.

Rüdiger Behmel

Rüdiger Behmel is CEO and owner of two successful businesses in Germany in the field of software development and marketing of niche products.

Christian Saraïlis

Christian Saraïlis is a member of Quebec Bar since 2005 and founding partner of Sarailis Avocats. Also trained in business administration and political sciences, Mr. Saraïlis’ main expertise fields are business law, international business law and commercial litigation. Moreover, being a trade-mark agent, he also specialises in intellectual property law. His experience and knowledge acquired through past activities allow Mr. Saraïlis to accompany and advise business managers and owners.