WaterShed Monitoring is graced by a gift from the stork

Strasbourg, November 21st, 2019 — WaterShed Monitoring is proud to announce the addition of a new family member. With the foundation of WaterShed Monitoring Europe and the opening of its first office abroad, the company now has an official street address in Strasbourg’s Innovation Park, France.

“Opening an office in Alsace is part of our global business development strategy”, explains Dr. Sonja Behmel, CEO of WaterShed Monitoring. “We are planning on gradually building a team mirroring the one we have in Québec City, made of experts in the fields of drinking water, source water, geomatics, marketing and computer science.”

This major milestone in WaterShed Monitoring’s establishment in the European Union was made possible thanks to the support of Access Alsace and the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, as part of their Xplore program. This being said, “The knowledge and know-how of the highly qualified professionals forming the Franco-German network will be an extra asset for commercializing our products and services in France, Germany, and other parts of the continent”, Dr. Behmel added.

About WaterShed Monitoring

WaterShed Monitoring develops and markets innovative solutions that meet the needs at every stage of water quality monitoring. As a partner to the know-how of various stakeholders in the water sector, our company offers training, strategic coaching and consulting services for data analysis, among others.  Moreover, WaterShed Monitoring offers a unique product: Enki®, the first cloud-based software designed to store, organize, contextualise, analyze, publish and share all types of water quality data. By maximising the full potential of monitoring activities, data collection and the information generated through these activities, WaterShed Monitoring contributes to informed decision-making at the municipal level of administration, the scientific research, and the management of natural resources.

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For more information, please contact:

Sonja Behmel, Ph.D.
CEO and cofounder
WaterShed Monitoring
+1 418 255-9477

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