WaterShed Monitoring will be present at the 1st GLOBAQUA International Conference in Germany

Ms. Sonja Behmel, CEO and co-founder of WaterShed Monitoring, is going to present the results of her doctoral work at the 1st GLOBAQUA International Conference to be held in early January 2016 in Freising, Germany.

Ms. Sonja Behmel will act as guest speaker at the 1st GLOBAQUA International Conference to be held January 11 and 12 in Freising, Germany. The presentation by Ms. Behmel, entitled Decision support system for monitoring strategies for surface water quality based on a participative approach, will present the state of progress of her PhD research project and the progress achieved on the scientific front. The GLOBAQUA International Conference will bring together many stakeholders in the fields of hydrology, chemistry, ecology, ecotoxicology, economy, sociology, engineering and modeling. This event is intended to provide a forum for the sharing of advances and innovative ideas in water management policies and practices. GLOBAQUA is a multidisciplinary scientific consortium dedicated to the study of stressors and pressures on water resources. For more information about this event: http://www.globaqua-project.eu/en/events/showcategory/&cat=conferences