PRESS RELEASE: WaterShed Monitoring receives funding from the Government of Canada to further strengthen the technological leadership of its Enki® software

Québec, February 28, 2017 — Ms. Sonja Behmel, CEO and co-founder of WaterShed Monitoring, is proud to announce the receipt of a financial aid from the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). The provided support will take the form of a $43,500 non-repayable contribution allowing WaterShed Monitoring to undertake a major research and technological development project.
This project aims more specifically to achieve functional enhancement of WaterShed Monitoring’s innovative online database for water-related data management, Enki®, through the development of new algorithms focused on drinking water management, from the source to the tap. These new algorithms will improve water advisory management, reduce processing time of complaints and synthesize more effectively many drinking water quality parameters into a single overall quality measure, allowing to better meet the current and future challenges of water system managers.
“We are very pleased with the confidence shown by NRC-IRAP through this financial aid, which will be leveraged to increase the added value of our Enki® software, accelerate its commercialization and encourage its adoption by water service providers in Canada and worldwide, ’said Sonja Behmel, President, CEO and co-founder of WaterShed Monitoring. ’Over time, NRC-IRAP’s contribution will have a structuring effect on WaterShed Monitoring’s innovation capacity and competitiveness, as well as on regional diversification and economic development.”
About WaterShed Monitoring
WaterShed Monitoring develops and markets innovative solutions for every stage of water quality monitoring. Partner of the water sector actors’ know-how, the company offers strategy coaching and value-added services that are built around a unique product: EnkiTM, the first cloud-based software designed to store, organize, contextualize, analyze, publish and share all types of water-related data. By enabling the full potential of monitoring efforts, data collected and information generated, WaterShed Monitoring contributes to informed decision-making in the private, non-profit, scientific and municipal sectors.