WaterShed Monitoring Provides a 6 Step Process Snapshot for the Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

The Quebec Government’s Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation (WWPR) first compliance report is due on April 30th, 2021. Within the WWPR, this applies to all municipalities supplying more than 500 people with drinking water. As multiple stakeholders are responding to support municipalities to complete this compliance report, WaterShed Monitoring is playing an important integrative role. Municipalities face considerable challenges concerning the inventory, validation, storing, analyzing and reporting of data within the WWPR. As experts in their field, WaterShed Monitoring is in an excellent position to accompany municipalities and other organizations to offer their solutions and support in order to fulfill the WWPR compliance report.


Here are the 6 basic steps help to meet the objectives of the WWPR:

  1. Describe all of the municipal intake sites;
  2. Delimit source protection areas;
  3. Characterize source water vulnerability;
  4. Provide an inventory of elements affecting water quality and quantity;
  5. Identify probable causes and evaluate potential risks to the source waters;
  6. Produce the report.

Understanding the demands and needs of municipalities with regards to the WWPR, WaterShed Monitoring has developed a systematic and all-inclusive approach and data management system, taking into account all the parameters of the WWPR to complete the compliance report.

WaterShed Monitoring provides an overall support to municipalities and their partners to produce the report.

WaterShed Monitoring is there to help navigate with the challenges of collecting, organizing, validating, analysing, and managing water quality data from multiple stakeholders. Partner of the water actors’ know-how, the company offers strategy coaching and value-added services that are built around a unique product: EnkiTM, the first cloud-based software designed to store, organize, contextualize, analyze, publish and share all types of water related data, from the watershed to the tap.



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