The innovative nature of our approach for addressing water quality assessment and management lies in the use of information technology for the storage, contextualization, processing and reporting of spatiotemporal water quality data from various sources, with the aim of using the resulting information in a decision support context.

databaseProviding a water quality monitoring database: Enki

Our Water quality monitoring database offers advanced capabilities in data collection, contextualization and analysis, as well as spatial interactivity (with geographic information systems), and information aggregation and sharing features.

View these videos:
Enki in the distribution system
Enki – Surface Water
Enki for the vulnerability analysis – Coming soon.

planningPlanning and optimizing a water quality monitoring program

In order to support you in the task of planning or optimizing your monitoring program we can support you in every step of the network design and redesign: station selection; variable selection; sampling frequencies based on your specific information objectives and needs as well as the human, technical and financial resources at your disposition.

samplingTraining courses: field work; quality assessment and control; logistics

In order to ensure quality control and quality assessment, we offer coaching services for:

  • sample collection,
    • sampling techniques and protocols;
    • field measurements;
    • calibration;
    • sample preservation;
    • sampling points;
    • sample transport;
    • logistics;
  • laboratory analysis,
    • choosing laboratories;
  • data handling and use,
    • data reception;
    • screening and verification;
    • storage and retrieval;
  • as well as logistics.

assistanceAssistance and coaching for water quality data interpretation and exploitation

In order to support you to maximise your data use and utility we offer assistance and coaching for:

  • reporting;
  • data analysis;
  • data visualisation;
  • information utilisation.